Charlottenburg business and innovation centre Berlin

The Sixties makes a comeback in the new Charlottenburg Innovation Centre

In 1960, Berlin’s first high-rise office was built with a steel construction. A good half a century later, the redevelopment followed, which proved to be an extremely complex task, in particular in terms of the soundproofing and fire protection of this listed building. There were no firewalls; this role was played by fire-resistant dividing walls. In order to keep the foyer free from fire protection restrictions, the escape route on the ground floor was fundamentally changed and simplified.

In addition, the facade was completely renovated according to the requirements for listed buildings. Moreover, urgently needed improvements to the building stabilisation were carried out inside the building. In order to do this, additional steel-concrete wall panels in the lift core area were moved into the building. Jet grouting elements and small injection anchors provided the subsoil with its bracing load.

In individual areas, customised ceiling reinforcements were adapted to the existing supporting system. This gives the operator greater flexibility, as these areas can be designated for higher loads, if required.


  • Structural Engineering
  • Thermal & Noise protection
  • Fire safety
  • Expertise | Advice
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