Solomenka Business Park Kiev

From the norms to the new

Solomenka is a district of Kiev with around 350.000 inhabitants. The business park, located directly opposite the railway station, comprises an office building, a 125 m high office tower, a bank building and restaurant building and a car park – including three storeys of underground car parking spaces. The gross volume of the construction is 543.000 m3.

The planning required creative thinking, as certain aspects of the project were bound by Ukrainian norms and construction methods were being introduced that had not yet been tested there. Under Ukrainian construction law, the building was treated as an "experimental construction" – in the construction phase, engineers focused their attention on German norms, whereby a number of special Ukrainian regulations had to be observed. The construction of the load-bearing structure also diverged from conventional methods. KREBS+KIEFER evaluated a number of alternative load-bearing structures for the tower at local unit prices. The result was an optimally cost-effective solution. All solutions were developed in close cooperation with local planners in order to ensure that they were both suitable for approval and technically feasible.


  • Structural Engineering