Urban Motorway A 100 Berlin

Artery of the capital

This inner-city motorway reflects the performance of a versatile engineering company. This is because the A 100 differs considerably from the highways in the open countryside. The planning or construction of the route must always take into account any impacts on residents and the natural environment.

Given the density of urban development, the crossing traffic routes and the high Berlin ground water level, there is a need for intensive planning. These circumstances turn urban motorways into something of a series of engineering works: tunnels, ramps, troughs, road bridges, railway underpasses and supporting walls.

On the one hand, the planning and construction require profound technical expertise. At the same time, the technical relationships must also be explained and conveyed to those involved, which requires social and methodical skills.

With years of experience in planning, project management, tunnel safety, safety management at construction sites and contract management, KREBS+KIEFER is contributing to the successful execution of the construction and renovation phases.


  • Project management
  • Design planning
  • Site supervision
  • Structural Engineering