Bridge over Pritzerber See Brandenburg

Back on track

Interstate road 102 in Havelland crosses the western end of Pritzerber See between Pritzerbe and Fohrde. The existing bridge, constructed on a dike, was in critical condition, so it has been replaced. In addition, the new bridge responds to the fact that since 1990 car and heavy vehicle traffic has massively increased.

The superstructure forms a double-webbed pre-stressed concrete beam with a span of about 31 metres. The establishment of the new abutment was carried out on bored piles behind the old caisson foundation, the dismantling of which would have been too costly. The construction is especially designed with the touristic importance of Pritzerber See in mind - the curved shape of the cantilever arms, coloured railings and clinker covering of the abutment wing.

During construction, traffic was diverted over a makeshift bypass system with a temporary bridge next to the newly built one.

In addition to the object and structural design for the bridge, KREBS+KIEFER is also planning the renovation of a 475-metre long section of the B 102.


  • Design planning
  • Structural Engineering