Communication levels Heidelberg

Communication levels

Mathematics and biology play key roles in the quantitative and qualitative analysis of molecular and cellular bio systems. At the BioQuant research centre, interdisciplinary work in this sub-sector of life sciences is conducted three-dimensionally. In accordance with the architectural principle of overarching communication, the engineers of KREBS+KIEFER have developed refined structural support solutions: For the unsupported central hall in the office and laboratory high-rise building, they designed folding mechanisms that traverse the floor level and support the space. This design vision is also visible externally - it continues in a white window made from the smoothest exposed concrete, which is cast on-site under the watchful eyes of the construction supervisors.

A special planning feature is that the 30-metre tower is seamlessly connected to the flat-roofed building in front on the same base plate. The exemplary quality of the build and its “obvious architectural translation of the owners’ aims” was honoured with the Hugo-Häring Prize by the Association of German Architects, Baden-Württemberg 2009.


  • Structural Engineering
  • Thermal & Noise protection