Vocational school Kaiserslautern

Educational support/Masterfully solved

The general overhaul of the 50 year old complex comprises the demolition, construction and renovation of parts of the building. In the first of four construction phases, this mainly encompassed the dismantling of a stiffening wall slab belonging to a listed building. As this protruded into the construction area, comprehensive safety measures had to be taken for the building work. KREBS+KIEFER's suggestion: an external, filigree steel bonding on the gable end of the building, which would be feasible without requiring work inside the building during the school's ongoing operations and would comply with historic preservation requirements.

Following this, a new school building was built in-situ on an elastically supported floor slab. Thermal, bridge-free, peripheral insulation ensures that the building is energy-efficient and also fulfils the passive house standard. Planning the load-bearing structure around the wide-span canteen area on the ground floor, where five upper floors were to be intercepted, presented a special challenge. This was overcome using a wall-like structure with a span width of 25,5 m and a reinforced ceiling.


  • Structural Engineering