BayArena Leverkusen

Motivation Boost for Bayer 04 Leverkusen

When it came time to build an extension to the BayArena in Leverkusen, KREBS+KIEFER was in game from the start—as competition consultant to the architectural firm whose design convinced the club. For the project, KREBS+KIEFER took over structural engineering of all solid structures in the new construction and the renovation.

Room for 7,500 additional spectators was created by constructing an upper tier; with VIP and business boxes between the upper and lower tiers, the stadium is now in good shape for the modern league play. The stand extension consists of pre-fabricated reinforced concrete parts underpinned by steel trusses. These span the entire 160 m long stadium and rest on the outside stair access. The increase in weight required extensive internal attachments and strengthening measures on the existing object.

A higher lying wrap-around level provides access to the stadium, including an attached hotel. The new West Building, a 2,600 m2 composite structure, houses the player support centre for the home and visiting team, press and VIP areas and a health centre.


  • Structural Engineering