New Erfurt - railway line Leipzig/ Halle

Open to new avenues

Ever since 1991, from the first preliminary studies through permit readiness and, in part, to the execution phase, KREBS+KIEFER has been coordinating and supervising work on this high-speed rail line, an important section of the Munich-Berlin rail connections.

A planning corridor some 3,700 m² in length, hundreds of test drillings to depths of up to 70 m, 15,000 land parcels, 2,000 ha of nature conservation, compensatory and replacement measures, plus the planning and building of the longest German railway bridge and accompanying archaeological excavations – such facts taken from the project history indicate that new paths had to be explored on more than one occasion.

Following preliminary planning, the engineers tested and evaluated five alternative routes from the perspectives of construction, railway operations, the environment and the economy. They obtained the necessary survey data for the subsequent detailed planning by taking aerial photographs. These served as a basis for a digital 3D terrain model, which enabled the consideration and further development of the railway track from various perspectives.


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