Railway station Eppstein

Reconstruction on schedule

The rebuild of the Eppstein tunnel, in addition to the tunnel used hitherto, has caused the stretch of track from Frankfurt to Eschhofen to be moved over a length of one and a half kilometres – with effects on Eppstein station, nearby. KREBS+KIEFER have taken over property planning and structural engineering for its new tracks and platforms, including roofing and fittings. On top of this was added the approval and execution planning for the rebuild and renovation of the underpass leading to the platforms, which on this occasion have received two lifts for barrier-free access.

As a technical simplification while extending the underpass, the engineers recommended during the extension of the underpass that the tracks laid should be secured with a lateral gravel holder as well as the trench. This avoided the costly erection of track bridges. Overall, KREBS+KIEFER were convincing, with a sophisticated construction schedule for the conversion in several phases, with the station still in operation.


  • Design planning for traffic facilities
  • Design planning for civil engineering works
  • Structural engineering and civil works