Motorway junction Motorway junction

Two and a half million cubic metres of soil

At the same time as the section of the new rail line Cologne - Rhine/Main in southern Munich, the heavily overloaded "Frankfurt Cross" junction was adapted to the growing traffic flow. In addition to a complex underground tunnel, the oldest motorway junction in the world was rebuilt and expanded. From planning permission to building applications and to the technical inspection of the shell construction, KREBS+KIEFER participated in all phases and in all technical and public procedures.

Throughout the conversion, the operation of all lanes and connecting ramps of the A3 and A5 had to be maintained. In this context, over 120 road layouts had to be planned for two federal motorways and coordinated with both road and rail authorities. The planning approval procedure for this project was carried out jointly by both authorities.


  • General planning
  • Design planning
  • Structural Engineering
  • Site supervision
Fotodesign: Axel-Haesler/Langensebold
Fotodesign: Axel-Haesler/Langensebold