Ammerland Clinic Westerstede

Building components in balance

The great challenge for the Ammerland Clinic Westerstede expansion build lay in the difficult foundation conditions - its water table reached up to the ground floor. Instead of a costly buoyancy construction in the form of grouted anchoring using injection anchors, a cheaper option was found: the loads of the areas with underground levels and of those adjacent without underground levels keep the building balanced.

The new build features short distances between the specialised examination departments, the wards and the management offices. Its seamlessly connected areas are joined to the existing ward via all five storeys - the extension was built while the hospital continued to operate. Subsequent addition of floors with up to three full storeys was already taken into account and planned for while designing and dimensioning the support structure.

In addition to the extension build, a rescue centre with a vehicle hall connected to it and a three-storey car park in composite steel construction were built.


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