Allerheiligenberg Bridge Lahnstein – Walluf

Exonerating results

The Allerheiligenberg Bridge in the west of the city of Lahnstein lies on a steep slope and has a pronounced S shape. On behalf of the State Office for Mobility, KREBS+KIEFER carried out a recalculation of the statics of the construction, which was built in 1977.

The bridge had originally been planned for bridge class 60/30. According to the current recalculation guidelines issued by the Federal Institute for Roads, the recalculation was based on load model LM 1 as the target load level. The engineers from KREBS+KIEFER came to the conclusion that it would be possible to operate the construction for the next 20 years without any strengthening measures for the target load level.


  • Recalculation of the load capacity in accordance with DIN
  • Expert report 102 and determination of the remaining life of the construction
  • Impact in accordance with DIN expert report 101 and in accordance with DIN 1072 (BKL 60/30)