Flyover B292 Sinsheim

Building at a higher level

With the four-lane expansion of highway B292, the necessity arose for a second road bridge over the Meckesheim – Sinsheim rail line for the increasing traffic towards the A6. KREBS+KIEFER issued a call to tender for the project and made corrections in this context to the original planning.

KREBS+KIEFER also oversaw the construction works. The fact that the rail line received an overhead line at the same time as the bridge construction brought about the need for greater coordination - starting with the fact that the four-field pre-stressed concrete superstructure was made on a raised support frame and then lowered with the help of hydraulic presses. The construction schedule meant route closures had to be requested from DB AG. In order to maintain traffic on the B292, KREBS+KIEFER planned its regulation for different construction conditions.


  • Traffic facilities design planning including planning of possible traffic phases and traffic sign diagram
  • Measurements of existing road structure
  • Preparation and involvement with the tender
  • Site management
  • Site supervision, civil engineering and traffic facilities
  • Rail construction and safety supervision (in operation)
  • Survey monitoring of the building structure
  • Health and safety coordination
  • Static-constructive inspections of the building structure and building aids