Bypass Rieneck

City bypass and two bridges across the Sinntal valley

During the course of construction of the Rieneck bypass, several new structures, among them two via-ducts, were built in the Sinntal. KREBS+KIEFER was awarded the orders for senior construction man-agement, construction supervision and the coordination of the safety and health protection for four structures (BW):

+ BW 1 "Sinn bridge north"

+ BW 2 "Pedestrian underpass“

+ BW 3 "Sinn bridge south“

+ BW 4 "Pedestrian underpass"

Construction objects 1 and 3 cross the course of the river Sinn, with BW 3 requiring a pier to be placed into the river bed. The foundation of the viaducts BW1 and BW3 are carried out as deep foundations with up to 12m long bored piles (Ø 1.20 m). Some of the challenges that turned up were the sometimes mushy layers of decomposed sandstone, the high groundwater level and its location in a flood-prone area.

Particular care was required for the implementation of this project in the Sinngrund valley, a particularly species-rich region. The focus was on protecting flora and fauna alongside the river Sinn, in addition to the interests of the direct residents, as well as the water- and nature conservation authorities.

Additional challenges for the construction project may arise because of possible flooding of the con-struction fields during a flood-prone time of year. The construction site facilities, like storage and con-tainer parking areas, as well as excavation trench shoring and supporting scaffolding all have to be adapted to accommodate these circumstances.


  • In excerpts
  • Senior construction management:
  • Inspecting plans to ensure consistency with the object plans to be executed and assisting in their release
  • Cost statement and controlling
  • Plan and document review
  • Organization, leading and implementation of periodic construction meetings
  • Review of addenda
  • Local construction supervision:
  • Examination and evaluation of suitability, property surveillance and control tests
  • Checking site measurements, quantity calculations and invoices
  • Inspections of the reinforcement
  • SiGeKo [US: OSHA]:
  • Initiating and participating in the creation and adaptation of the Safety and Health Plans
  • Ongoing monitoring for compliance with the SiGe [in US: OSHA] plans and the construction site regulations
  • Resolving all safety-related matters with contractors and their subcontractors bevor the work be-gins
  • Organizing and executing safety inspections and meetings
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