Castle Bothmer Cornichen

Back to its roots

The focus of the planning task was to restore this baroque castle as closely as possible to its original condition. In close co-operation with architects, preservation appropriate to this monument was a success - despite the difficult start, with existing damage that was severe in parts, and improperly done alterations. KREBS+KIEFER fully achieved the highest requirements of the client and the task of monument preservation: This included the requirement that building extensions should be reversible, meaning that the extensions could be removed without damaging the building’s original condition. The design framework was extremely constrained due not only to the material of the historical wooden construction parts, but also due to the geometrical constraints of ceiling heights, windows and door arches. In addition, the design needed to take into account the prospective use of the castle for museum and commercial purposes.

The project demanded flexibility and resourcefulness on all accounts: When historical findings surfaced on the building site, the substructures had to be re-designed at short notice. An additional discovery during the building work led to historical cross vaults being included in the ceiling supporting structure.


  • Rehabilitation & Preservation