Schauspielhaus (theatre) Dresden

Tradition und Technology

A good 100 years after its construction as one of the most modern theater of its time, it was once again time for a comprehensive revitalization and modernization of the Schauspielhaus - including a renewal and expansion of the stage’s technical equipment. In this context, KREBS+KIEFER first was contracted to verify the load-bearing capacity of the roof construction for the significantly higher loads.

Before this background KREBS+KIEFER planned the necessary upgrades because of the much more powerful and machine-powered stage technology, as well as all necessary repairs and reinforcements. An added new rigging loft holds additional components of the stage technology. KREBS+KIEFER found an especially effective solution for the added loads which are acting on the support structure now. The rigging loft itself shares the spatial load carrying effect.

The KREBS+KIEFER team and its expert construction supervision contributed greatly with their personal commitment at any time, day or night, to the successful and timely completion of the renovation and modernization work.


  • HOAI Section §51 Services:
  • Service phases 1 to 6 and 8
  • Special services:
  • Stocktaking
  • Local construction supervision
  • Recalculation