New Tram Line Darmstadt to Kranichstein

On time all along the line

Due to overcrowded bus connections and two new development areas, the city council took the decision in July 1995 to build a new tram line to Kranichstein. KREBS+KIEFER was responsible for the general planning of the project – from selecting the line to site supervision. This comprised the tram system, urban roads and engineering works.

In consultation with the local departments and environmental planners, interferences and compensatory measures were coordinated and questions subsequently addressed concerning the intersection of existing traffic systems and railway lines, the renovation and construction of roads and paths, the intrusion on private ownership, escape routes, flooding, and cable installation. The construction process had to be adjusted in such a way that enabled road traffic to continue as normal throughout the entire construction phase.

Through a combination of site supervision and superior project management, all objectives were met with regards to quality, deadlines and costs throughout the entire execution phase. The new tram line entered operation as planned.


  • General planning
  • Design planning
  • Project management
  • Tender & Contracting
  • Site supervision