Office and business premises Kurfürstendamm 195 Berlin

End-to-end protection

"N° 195 Kudamm“ comprises several renovated old buildings, including a listed high-rise building from the 1960s. Added to this was a new glass building, which adjoins the fire resistant wall of the famous "Cumberland House" and bridges the final gap between the buildings on a promenade that boasts a rich tradition. The ensemble of buildings accommodates retail businesses, restaurants, offices and residential properties in a total area of more than 15.000 square metres, as well as over 100 parking spaces in the two-storey underground car park.

KREBS+KIEFER developed a comprehensive fire safety plan for the building and advised on its implementation. In the case of an incident, fire alarms will alert those present in the building and the fire service will be contacted directly. Safe stairwells enable evacuation; a lift for the fire service grants access for rescue workers. Water for firefighting is available from the rising mains, while sprinkler equipment automatically curtails the spread of fire and smoke.


  • Fire safety