Humboldt Transformer Station Berlin

Lifesaving Mission

The Humboldt Transformer Station built in the 1920s is considered one of the most significant industrial buildings in Berlin and is listed as a building of historical importance. In the tower of the substation, a foreman and his technicians at the control panels made sure that the entire district of Prenzlauer Berg was supplied with low voltage electricity. A renovation was carried out after the building had been standing empty for many years. Event halls and spaces are now located in the basement and ground floors, whereas the upper levels mainly house offices.

KREBS+KIEFER designed the fire safety plan for the changes required in this five-part complex of buildings. When doing this, the inadequate fire prevention structures in place had to be compensated for with suitable measures. For example, the fire resistance of the floor slabs was not satisfactory; likewise, fire areas and emergency escape routes for various purposes were not present. To be able to forgo larger structural measures, the fire safety specialists recommended the installation of an automatic fire extinguishing system as well as a fire alarm. Further measures included the installation and modernisation of the necessary emergency escape routes.


  • Fire safety