Fire safety


We take the greatest care when developing and testing fire protection concepts at the highest level of engineering. An experienced team is the key to technically and commercially ideal solutions for all categories of standard constructions and all types of special structures – whether nationally or internationally, in new builds or existing structures.

Today, preventative fire protection is an incredibly challenging task that requires smart and tailored concepts. These compliant fire protection concepts have to be planned logically from the outset and carefully thought through. As technical planners, authorized surveyors, publicly appointed and sworn experts and inspectors, we support you in all matters relating to fire protection – for all building types.

Our clients benefit from our interdisciplinary approach that combines extensive fire protection expertise with structural, technical, architectural and commercial elements as part of holistic planning. Always keeping the required protection targets in our sights, we comply with national planning requirements and international standards.


  • + Preparation of fire protection concepts
  • + Inspection of fire protection concepts
  • + Feasibility studies and competitors
  • + International fire protection (NFPA, IBC)
  • + Constructive fire protection / fire protection design
  • + Fire and smoke simulations
  • + Evacuation concepts
  • + Evacuation simulations
  • + Occupational safety in construction
  • + Hazard assessments
  • + Fire protection for hazardous goods stores
  • + Technical due diligence
  • + Site analyses
  • + Construction supervision
  • + Retention concepts for fire extinguishing water
  • + Control matrixes in case of fire
  • + Fire protection visualizations
  • + BIM for fire protection