Railway line Ebensfeld – Erfurt Bavaria/Thüringen

Detailed survey

The foundation soil was to be surveyed and assessed in order to plan construction measures on the new railway like between Ebensfeld and Erfurt. On behalf of DB ProjektBau, KREBS+KIEFER planned, commissioned and supported the investigation measures at the sites of several structures, including sections of the line, platforms, railway crossings, transformer houses, a radio mast and a bridge with approach ramp.

The assessment in the topsoil reports led to site- and structure-specific foundation recommendations. To do so, KREBS+KIEFER undertook subsidence prognoses, among other things. The recommendations also extended, where necessary, to the creation of the excavation and the water table drawdown.

While in the case of the radio mast only one pile foundation was possible due to unstable fillings and soft clay, in the case of the bridge this was unnecessary, contrary to the preliminary design: A comprehensive survey programme and calculations with varied parameters resulted in a surface foundation of the abutment and trough structure being sufficient.


  • Creating the investigation program
  • Commissioning the investigation measures
  • Supporting the investigations on site
  • Subsoil assessment and foundation recommendation
  • Site planning
  • Structure planning
  • Tendering