Ray Barracks Friedberg

Dontcha Think it’s Time*

It's where Elvis Presley was stationed between 1958 and 1960 and will soon see the building of residential property, industrial premises and an extension to the University of Applied Sciences in Mittelhessen. KREBS+KIEFER prepared the energy performance certification required for the sale of 29 of the buildings on the barrack's grounds.

Due to the fact they had stood empty for many years and thus the lack of consumption data, "requirement-based" energy performance certification had to be compiled. After the initial energy consultation, an extensive survey of the basic building structure was carried out. For the listed buildings dating from the time of the German empire, this survey resulted in recommendations for energy efficiency, for example the insulation of the upper storey's ceiling, internal insulation of the outer walls and basement walls and the renewal of the thermal distribution network.

To calculate the future energy requirement, the engineers determined the composition of the thermal building shell. They completed the existing as-built drawings, and corrected and added to the details for the utility areas.

*Elvis Presley, 1958


  • Structural physics:
  • Energy consultations
  • Preparation of energy performance certification