Two Bridges Hirschorn on the River Neckar

The inner workings of a bridge

Almost three decades after the opening of two pre-stressed concrete bridges over a meander of the Neckar, KREBS+KIEFER was commissioned to investigate the structures and issue a repair certificate.

This involved organising equipment, in particular an under-bridge inspection device, an elevating platform and drilling machines that stop when they come into contact with steel. The engineers checked all surfaces of the 610 m long bridge, even on the inside of the hollow boxes, and noted any fissuring in the form of photographs and sketches. They took samples and had them sent off for testing, as well as cooperating remarkably well with the companies and building materials laboratories involved in the project.

The nature and scope of damage was evaluated and its impact on stability, road safety and durability determined. KREBS+KIEFER combined decades of expertise in the planning of engineering works to draft the repair work.

The contract also comprised the planning, organisation and execution of traffic control during the investigations.


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  • Site supervision
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