Hansabrücke Herford

Time for a new upper section

Because of its strongly attacked substance, the Herforder Hansabrücke will get a new upper section. From a technical and economic point of view, renovation was not feasible. KREBS+KIEFER were responsible for the planning, the construction test, and the local construction supervision.

The superstructure features a double support, multi-ply plate beam in steel composite construction With welded hollow box supports and an in-situ concrete roadway slab. It will be placed on the existing abutments, which will be broken off three meters below the edge of the roadway and equipped with new support benches and chamber walls. On the intermediate support, the superstructure will be mounted on a new, flat-shaped arrow disk.

In order to maintain as much as the connection as possible for traffic and rescue operations, the work will be carried out one side at a time. KREBS+KIEFER also planned to reconfigure the connection to Sophienstraße at the east end of the bridge. The focus was to safely guide cyclists on the road and at the crossroads.


  • Overall planning of Phases 1 through 9 for civil engineering and transport
  • Local construction supervision
  • Structural testing/civil engineering
  • Production monitoring
  • Engineering inspection