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Building Logistics for the Lichtwiese Campus

The Lichtwiese campus, with its dispersed development of island-like building groupings for individual departments, has been an important location in the Darmstadt higher education landscape since 1966. In addition to university development, the focus has been on preservation of the natural space since 2000. In the meantime, a whole series of building projects on the campus grounds are in planning or already under construction and, in addition to smooth implementation, the challenge consists of maintaining university operations with as few restrictions as possible./p>

The Lichtwiese campus includes an area of approximately 40 hectares and nearly 40 buildings and research facilities. The urban development structural concept results in four districts with a total of almost 72,000 m² of development area. KREBS+KIEFER prepared a building logistics report for the site, which considered the complexity of building logistics, taking campus operation, prevailing space conditions and the traffic situation into account. Based on KREBS+KIEFER’s own evaluation scheme for the complexity of building logistics, bottlenecks were identified and solution approaches for further planning were shown. A building logistics base plan was developed to show the existing building logistics status and project area potential.


  • Building logistics consultation services:
  • Building logistics report (based on HOAI service phase 1)
  • Preparation of a building logistics base plan for the project area
  • Continuation of building logistics consultation services
  • Building logistics planning services:
  • Building logistics concept (based on HOAI service phases 2 and 3)
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HEAG mobilo / scheinbar real
HEAG mobilo / scheinbar real
HEAG mobilo / scheinbar real