Construction logistics report for the historical Merck building Darmstadt

Construction logistics report for the historical Merck building

The A3 (I.2484) building is under landmark protection and will be reconstructed as part of the renovation project on the 1.2 km² large company premises of the MERCK KGaA so that is may be converted into modern office space for future use. The building will be gutted in all areas other than the laboratory and museum, which will continue operating during the renovation, and upgraded with up-to-date equipment and media technology.

KREBS+KIEFER produced a construction logistics report for the area of building A3, considering the work’s logistical complexity under operating conditions, the delivery traffic, the limited space available as well as the traffic situation.

KREBS+KIEFER’s own evaluation scheme was used for the construction site’s logistical complexity, bottlenecks were identified, and problem-solving approaches for further planning were outlined. A project master plan was developed for the project area to outline the current construction logistics and any fu-ture potential in the project area.


  • Construction logistics
  • Consultancy services for construction logistics:
  • Construction logistics report (following performance phase 1, HOAI)
  • Developing a construction logistics master plan for the project area