FAIR Building Logistics Concept Update Darmstadt

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FAIR, the Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research, is a new international accelerator facility for research with antiprotons and ions. It is being built cooperatively by an international association of countries and researchers. The participating signatories founded FAIR GmbH in October 2010 and the respective repre-sentatives of these countries signed a contract under international law.

An underground tunnel with a circumference of approx. 1,000 m was built for the centrepiece of the facili-ty; a circular accelerator. The 24 above and below ground buildings and tunnel sections offer space for a total of 3.5 km of beam control tubes, large detectors and a complex infrastructure. Connected to them and both functionally and physically joined to each other, various above and below ground buildings and tunnel systems are being developed.

The new facility will offer innovative research opportunities to more than 3,000 researchers.


  • HOAI §43 services:
  • Service phases 1 to 9
  • Special services:
  • On-site construction monitoring
  • Building logistics
  • Building operations consultation
  • Monitoring of primary building site facilities
  • Soil management concept
  • Temporary soil storage
  • Media coordination
  • Container villages building planning
ion42 für FAIR/GSI
ion42 für FAIR/GSI