The DomRömer Quarter Frankfurt am Main

Intense activity in a confined space

A "new old town" with 35 residential and commercial buildings (including 15 reconstructions) and public squares, in the centre of Frankfurt, on just 7000 square meters: Such a project can only be implemented with a mature construction logistics concept.

KREBS + KIEFER planned the overarching construction site workflow from material transport to and on the construction site through the area and disposal management up to the supply of electricity, water and telecommunications. The planning results were included in a construction logistics manual, which contained all the "game rules" for the building site. This made it possible to coordinate the massive material transports and the many people working on the construction field. Thus the new Frankfurt centre could be made into a reality in the required quality, both on schedule and on budget.


  • Construction logistics Construction logistics planning for:
  • Transport organization
  • Area management
  • Utilities supply
  • Construction site accommodation facilities
  • Construction site safety Assignment management, Procurement and Contract
  • Procedures for Supplies and Services negotiation procedure:
  • Creation of the tender documents
  • Participation in bidder talks
  • Construction logistics supervision:
  • Monitoring
  • Site surveying
  • Invoicing
DomRömer GmbH/Martin Leissl
DomRömer GmbH/Martin Leissl
DomRömer GmbH/schneider+schumacher
DomRömer GmbH/schneider+schumacher