Campus Bridge Heilbronn

Main bridge inspection of the campus bridge in Heilbronn

Various institutions of the administration and education converge on the education campus in Heilbronn. Several tracks of the German DB railway and the industrial zone and harbor railways have a dividing effect on the campus.

Building this bridge was of utmost importance to the Principal of this project who had the interests of numerous students in mind, having to reach all the institutions without having much time. This began the construction of the Campus Bridge Heilbronn in 2016, which was completed by 2017.To prevent possible defects and to have a chance of removing them before the beginning of the warranty period, the first main inspection per DIN 1076 was to be performed on the building prior to the official acceptance of the construction work.

The condition of the building was depicted in a status note and had to be inspected with regard to their impact on structural stability, transport safety, and durability of the structural compo-nents of the building itself and then classified on a defect scale of 0 to 4. All defects were detected by means of a convenient and non-destructive examination, recorded and documented.

The KREBS+KIEFER and IGESS audit teams are equipped for such tasks with state-of-the-art test equipment such as elcometers for the determination of corrosion thickness or an eddy current measuring device for reinforcement verification.


  • Bridge main inspection according to DIN 1076
  • Including expert examination of corrosion protection and welding technology (IGESS)
  • Special service: Status report in the form of construction log in SIB buildings