Waldschlößchen Bridge Dresden

Flood of addenda successfully canalised

The most demanding bridge construction that Dresden had seen for many years was supervised by KREBS+KIEFER from a technical point of view, together with ARGE partners ICL. Special constructional features included inset bridge bearings, V-shaped supports, the use of underwater concrete and self-compacting concrete as well as up to 20 cm thick sheets and corresponding welds.

A highlight was the positioning of the central section of the bridge over the river Elbe in December 2010 in the freezing cold. Spectators watched in awe as the 140 m long, 1.800 tonne section was lifted, moved and lowered into position.

The start of the construction and its subsequent progress were delayed on several occasions due to complaints from environmental associations, absent permits and flooding. The resulting barrage of contract addenda was divided for the sake of delivery into "hard" technical and "soft" fault-related addenda. Continuous contact with the construction site and associated illustrative documentation were extremely helpful in the assessment of claims.


  • Site supervision
  • Contract management