Airport Tegel Tunnel (retrofitted) Berlin


After nearly 30 years of operation, the Airport Tegel tunnel required a substantial restoration. This is when the operating and transport technology would be adapted to comply with the existing guidelines. KREBS+KIEFER supported the conversion project all the way, from the planning stage to the re-commissioning. To fulfil its safety brief, the team produced all safety-related documentation, including emergency and fire plans.

Before the tunnel became operational again, demanding tests and simulations were carried out: During the final tests, the KREBS+KIEFER security experts were investigating potential accidents to test the system’s response. Three fire drills still offered some space for optimisation possibilities in the area of ventilation control. During the inspection, the safety equipment was subjected to rigorous checks once again. A large-scale drill carried out by the Berlin Fire Brigade took place before the project was completed.


  • Tunnel safety
  • Safety Officer (RABT)
  • Safety Documentation
  • Fire Safety Plan
  • Schematics Development
  • Fire Safety Plans Development
  • Comprehensive Functional Control
  • Undertaking Fire Drills
  • Undertaking Safety Drills