Bad Godesberg Tunnel Bonn

Long Distance Experience

The Bad Godesberg Tunnel with its numerous entrances and exits is the longest tunnel system for whose safety KREBS+KIEFER are responsible in North Rhine-Westphalia. In 2008, we started to conduct a series of conformity studies on the recently tightened guidelines for the equipment and operation of road tunnels. Based on the results, valid retrofitting packages were produced by our experts, who accompany the implementation and are responsible for the safety inspection. As the latest measure, the Bad Godesberg tunnel was equipped with a smoke extraction system with controllable smoke extraction dampers - a major improvement on the existing smoke extraction slots that open by heat.

KREBS + KIEFER creates and updates all safety documentation and supports it with technical evaluation as part of the ongoing process. The team also organises, participates in and analyses all safety drills carried out by the emergency response services.


  • Tunnel Safety
  • Safety Officer
  • Safety Documentation
  • Emergency Plan
  • Professional Advice on Smoke Escape