Impact Protection for the Group of Locks Kostheim am Main

A perfect fit

To increase operational safety at the Kostheim group of locks, impact protectors were installed in front of both closures on the downstream gates of the lock.

For the KREBS+KIEFER engineers, functionality and local conditions were key to the planning process, which began around the same time as the execution. The mechanics of the moving parts according to the supplier's guidelines also had to be factored in: While the clamping cylinder on the north chamber of the cable arresting gear could be placed perpendicular to the chamber wall, this was not possible for the south chamber as it would hinder access to the offshore terminal. Therefore, a clamping cylinder was attached on the river embankment of the south chamber at an inclination of seven percent to the chamber wall.

The installation of the cylinder foundations required the old solid construction to be demolished by a depth of 1.50 metres as it could not be expected to cope with the horizontal loads occurring when a ship hits the impact protection. These loads will now be diverted into the subsoil by means of permanent anchors.


  • Design planning
  • Structural Engineering