Park & Ride Facilities Eppstein

Simple transfer

The construction of the Eppstein tunnel involved a rebuilding of the tracks, platforms and the pedestrian underpass at the Eppstein station. The city took this opportunity to implement a barrier-free access to the facilities and to ensure a smooth transfer between different modes of transport. KREBS+KIEFER was commissioned to do most of the project planning as well as the update of the utilisation documents for the continuation into Hassen.

The station acquired two brand new Park + Ride facilities with covered parking spaces for bicycles and motorcycles, a Kiss + Ride, a taxi rank and short-term parking spaces. A bus stop with a turning loop at the main platform enables a direct transfer between rail and bus. A canopy and covered waiting zones protect the passengers from the elements.

As a result of continuous co-operation with Deutsche Bahn in the planning and construction phase of the project, KREBS+KIEFER managed to proceed smoothly and to deliver within the projected time frame and on budget.


  • Traffic facilities project planning
  • Cost update in accordance with the financing municipal traffic law (GVFG) through to the final utilisation documents