Bypass Coswig

Ways to Luthers Thesen

As a major East-West axis, the B187 of Roßlau in Saxony-Anhalt leads to Brandenburg - on this road section Lutherstadt Wittenberg is located. In the context of the reorganisation of the federal roads in the region of Coswig/Wittenberg, KREBS+KIEFER is responsible for the design planning for the Coswig bypass (as well as the Griebo bypass that connects to it).

The expansion of the 6.85-kilometre Coswiger section conforms to the guidelines for the system of rural roads (RAL). It includes three "equal segment plan" convergence points with a ramp connection of intersecting roads and seven bridges. The national road falls within design class 2, after which its fixed surface measures 8.50 metres in width. With regard to the prescribed passing strip, the fortified surface widens to twelve metres.

The route of the B187n is characterised by two major bridges, as well as the crossing of a flora-fauna-Habitat area. In its range, the B187n proceeds to a dam of up to 5.50 metres retaining walls. Noise and irritation protection walls with flyover aids for bats have also been erected.


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