Rural road L 33 Berlin

Sensitive expansion

According to predictions, 31,000 vehicles will use the L 33 in 2025 and 6% of these will be heavy goods vehicles. In view of this volume of traffic, the rural road between the Marzahn junction and the state border with Brandenburg will be expanded in two four-lane stretches.

KREBS+KIEFER is responsible for the design planning for the traffic facilities and civil engineering works. The four-lane expansion of the convergence points will increase traffic safety, and at the same time the environment will be exposed to less noise and vibrations.

A particular task of phase one of the planning, "Hönow to AS Marzahn", was to maintain the tree population between the lanes. Phase two of the planning involves a channel connecting the Haussee and Weidenpfuhl waterways. The engineers are planning the redevelopment and expansion as a framework construction with consideration for the otters native to this area. Nature conservation was also crucial during the drainage stage: the surface water was largely drained away with the help of reservoirs and hollows.


  • Hönow to AS Marzahn stretch:
  • Design planning for traffic facilities
  • Hönow to state border stretch:
  • Design planning for traffic facilities
  • Design planning for civil engineering works