Kaiser Wilhelm Tunnel Cochem

Safe from the offset

As the two-track Kaiser Wilhelm Tunnel, which went into operation in 1879, did not meet today's safety standards, a decision was made to modernise it and create a second new, 4.242 m long machine-driven tunnel. Once complete, tracks will run through both the new and old tunnels, which will be connected via lockable crossways.

KREBS+KIEFER tested the operational safety concepts and coordinated the work of the various contractors working in the tunnel from this viewpoint. Safety coordination proved extremely challenging during the renaturation of contaminated materials and during the actual building of the tunnel. There were cave-ins and gas leaks, both of which demanded fast reactions. This resulted in the tunnel driving machine being upgraded.

Due to the small amount of fissure-free top cover on the tunnel, it became necessary in order to protect the building stock surrounding Cochem to install a horizontal roof pipe.


  • Saftey managment