Railway bridge Eppstein

Actually moved

The rebuild of the Eppstein tunnel, in addition to the tunnel used hitherto, has caused the stretch of track from Frankfurt to Eschhofen to be moved by several metres. In conjunction with the change to the track, KREBS+KIEFER have also planned to construct a railway bridge over a path to replace a structure in the same position and having the same height.

The prime contractor commissioned KREBS+KIEFER with technical advice on its proposal to erect the complete structure parallel to the existing track, in order then to move it to the new position at a final height of 25 metres. This will be done over a period of only 52 hours, during which the tracks will be closed, over the Easter holidays. According to the execution schedule, carefully drawn up by KREBS+KIEFER, in addition to laying the entire track, all excavations and demolitions, as well as the necessary overhead line work, will be done during this time.


  • Design planning for traffic facilities
  • Design planning for the engineering works
  • Structural engineering, civil works