Pan-European Corridor Railway Vc Croatia

United through Europe

The improvement of rail connections within the Balkans and between other European countries was initiated in response to the changed flows of traffic and goods within Europe, the aim of which was to reach today's standards. The modernisation, new electrification and the replacement of technical equipment of three sections of the stretch in eastern Croatia were managed by KREBS+KIEFER, largely from local project offices in Zagreb and Ploce.

18 steel and reinforced concrete bridges were modernised or replaced, the tunnels built in 1966 were subject to an extensive survey of their existing condition and the rock subsoil was provided with a new low-cost reinforced concrete lining. For certain platforms, crossings and stations, architectural conservation was also an issue, as the Metkovic station is a part of a UNESCO world cultural heritage site. The installation of new telecommunications facilities and switching and monitoring equipment at 28 stations took place while the railway was in normal operation. The signals and control equipment built in the 1960s were replaced as were the electrical equipment, transformers and the overhead lines.


  • General planning
  • Rehabilitation & Preservation
  • Site supervision
  • Contract management