Theodor Heuss Bridge Mainz–Wiesbaden

New lease of life for historic Landmark

Both its age and the significant increase in traffic volumes pointed towards a complete renovation and reinforcement of the historically significant steel arched bridge over the Rhine. While the three inner truss arches were deemed satisfactory from a static and metallurgical point of view and received just a single new lane, both of the 19th century land-side arches had to be renewed.

The new twin arches were delivered by truck in four sections, each weighing 50 tonnes, and were welded to the river bank free of stress. The two complete, 100 m long arches were let down into the water, adjusted by means of a press and lowered onto the supports. The vast majority of the work was carried out during ongoing traffic, which was partly restricted to one lane or which was directed around an island construction site. KREBS+KIEFER checked the structural documentation and supervised the scaffolding work. The engineers used independent comparison calculations to confirm that the partial constructions would remain stable under all building conditions.


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