Weir Würzburg

In safe waters

The Würzburg barrage is a double lock with a weir system from 1938 and a drop height of 2.75 metres. The gate of the right weir field (last converted in 1948) was worn out and needed to be replaced. As before, the new gate consists of a fish belly flap, however instead of a mechanical drive, it got a hydraulic drive. In addition, the inspection gates in the headwater and tailwater indicated that renovation was necessary.

KREBS + KIEFER planned the solid construction work around the installation of the weir field gate and inspection gate. For the required drainage in the headwater and tailwater, the engineers designed retaining walls using steel. For improved stability of the weir pillars, they envisaged back anchoring using ground anchors. Furthermore, a report was written concerning the structural condition. This assessed stability on the basis of existing standards.


  • Planning of the property*
  • Planning of the supporting structure (solid construction)*
  • *In a consortium with IRS