Stuhlmüllerwehr Pfinztal-Berghausen

Hold-up on schedule

A building inspection revealed substantial defects in the weir, which was completed in 1971; deformation of the plastic had occurred amongst other things. The fish-belly flap gate had rusted through, there were components missing and the gears did not comply with the current guidelines. KREBS+KIEFER planned and monitored the replacement of the solid structure and steel hydraulics as well as the technical equipment.

An important aspect of the procedure was the division into two areas with a new weir pillar made from steel concrete in the centre of the installation. The connection to the existing structure was achieved with shear connectors; for this purpose, the solid structure was removed at the surface in appropriate places. As a seal, the engineers provided two fish-belly flap gates with a welded construction operated by an electric lifting cylinder. In order to enable drainage, the engineers also provided new inspection openings in the form of bulkhead gates.


  • § 43 of the HOAI [German Fee Regulations for Architects and Engineers]
  • § 51 of the HOAI
  • § 56 of the HOAI (via the subcontractor Drivecon)
  • Health and safety coordination
  • Sit supervision and civil engineering
  • Recalculation of the existing structure in accordance with the BAW Code of Practice “TbW” [Load Capacity of Existing Solid Hydraulic Construction]