Störwasserstraße Ludwigslust

Acceptance by exchange

The symptoms of fatigue after over 150 years of use and a sharp rise in the ship and recreational craft traffic were the reasons for renovation of the Störwasserstraße in southern Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. KREBS+KIEFER compared various renovation options within the framework of a feasibility study for a seven kilometre long stretch and generated a soil survey. Using the FE method, the experts calculated the stability of the dams for the design planning.

A significant topic in the renovation and elevation of canal-sided dams to a uniformed level was the conservation of nature, particularly the preservation of the oak trees, which line the canal like an alley. With detailed information and the offer for exchanging ideas between the authorities, associations and interested citizens, KREBS+KIEFER reached a high level of acceptance for the measure and avoided delay caused by appeals.

That was close

At the beginning of 2016, the side dam on the left bank of the Störwasserstraße breached in southern Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The damage induced was limited because the water was able to flow into an adjacent trench system. The Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration, Lauenburg, entrusted KREBS+KIEFER with immediate measures to secure the temporary sealed break.

Determination of cause and the post-investigation of the adjoining dam break including diving investigations exhibited inadequate structural integrity. The professionals’ concept combines the premature implementation and modification of the already planned renovation measures with additional provisions. Among these is the widening of the dam with consideration for the existing stock of trees, piping a section, as well as transverse dams and gates with which a vulnerable area could, in an emergency, be isolated and renovated.


  • Feasibility study for various renovation options
  • FE investigations into the dam filtration
  • Calculation of the overall stability of the dam
  • Calculation for the joint erosion of transverse structures
  • Compilation of a report regarding the condition of the soil
  • Structural engineering and consulting services regarding the design execution documentation (design AU)
  • Public relations
  • *in collaboration with Witt & Partner, Hanover