Barrage Viereth

Rejuvenation for 80-year-old infrastructure

At over 80 years old, the oldest barrage on the Main has long since reached its theoretical service life. In terms of maintenance, KREBS + KIEFER contributes a lot towards the planning of the building and structural engineering.

Among other things, the damaged weir rollers need to be replaced by segment weirs, which can better withstand today's constant fine adjustment. The engineers have developed all the necessary adjustments for this. Because the new gates introduce a modified load, the pillar foundations have to be renovated and a record of compliance with current standards needs to be maintained. Along with the weir gates, the worn-out weir supports had to be renewed.

The planning work also included the renewal of the pool base, retaining walls and culverts for provisional cable conduits. Because of the insular position of the weir between the lock and power plant, good site logistics is essential for the smooth progress of the renovation work. As such, a crane foundation was built into the embankment of the weir field as a preliminarily measure.


  • Planning of the property*
  • Planning of the supporting structure*
  • SiGeKo
  • * in a consortium with IRS