Low-Water Lock at Rothensee Connection Canal Magdeburg

May there always be water beneath the keel

The low-water lock serves the purpose of facilitating the accessibility of the Magdeburg port from the middle land canal (Mittellandkanal) and providing a minimum head of water inside the port, independent of the water level of the river Elbe.

To prove that the new lock was suitable for use in the deformation-sensitive subsoil, KREBS+KIEFER carried out complex FE calculations. A computer-aided investigation of the interaction between the load-bearing structure and subsoil confirmed that a flat foundation for the massive concrete structures would fulfil all requirements.

In connection with new geotechnical norms (EAU 2004), KREBS+KIEFER executed comparative analyses as part of its advanced planning according to the latest requirements, and implemented the resulting changes into the planning.

Design a construction process which would enable shipping traffic on the canal to continue as normal during the construction phase posed a particular challenge for the planners. As main contractor, KREBS+KIEFER also coordinated the hydraulic steel structure and technical equipment in addition to design planning.


  • Design planning
  • Structural Engineering
  • Tender & Contracting