Small hydropower station Bosnia and Herzegovina

Water march!

The construction of six small hydropower stations (SHPPs) as part of a larger catalogue of measures is intended to improve the energy supply in the Federal State of Serbia. By means of these, approximately 65 gigawatt-hours of power can be obtained from the mountain rivers of Hrcavka, Sutjeska und Jabusnica every year — reliable and renewable energy obtained from the optimal use of regional resources.

As part of a joint venture, KREBS+KIEFER was commissioned to carry out the design planning of the six hydropower stations of Hrcavka 1, Hrcavka 2, Hrcavka 3, Sutjeska 2a, Sutjeska 2b and Jabusnica among others. Fieldwork — surveys as well as geo- and hydrotechnical inspections — formed the basis of the plan determination and execution planning. Connections between the neighbouring power plants were coordinated by a project management team. The entire building permit procedure took place through close cooperation with the authorities.

All six hydropower stations have a side entrance, a supply system and an engine house. A system of ascent protects fish and small forms of aquatic life.


  • Project management
  • Urban planning
  • Preliminary design
  • Main design
  • Executive design
  • Tender documentation
  • Feasibility study
  • Enviromental impact assessment