Twin-chamber lock Kachlet

High voltage generation on a rock prominence

The once largest inland navigation lock in Europe required a significant amount of repair work. The lock’s damaged and weakened substance had largely broken away. Lock heads and chamber walls got new supporting structures, which were ultimately able to carry the entire load. The planning of the solid concrete structures was particularly challenging, as a lock chamber had to remain in operation during the entire construction work.

The plans drawn up by KREBS + KIEFER envisaged anchoring the facings of the lock chamber walls into the rock and, against each other, clamping them to the middle walls with horizontal anchors. This was done in several phases, with a changing of the lock chamber. Temporary cofferdams with elaborate bottom sealing allows for safe drainage of the excavation.

Furthermore, engineers from KREBS+ KIEFER planned the cable lines and drainage. For this, the existing pipelines (with a cross section of up to 80 centimetres) had to be relocated.


  • Planning of the property (solid construction)*
  • Planning of the supporting structure*
  • Site supervision
  • * in a consortium with WTM Engineers GmbH
WSA Regensburg
WSA Regensburg