Fire safety inspection for lift lock Niederfinow

Fire safety at the lift lock Niederfinow

The lift lock in Niederfinow is the oldest still working lift lock in Germany. The protected industrial monu-ment received the "historical symbol of the art of engineering in Germany” award by the Federal Chamber of Engineers.

KREBS+KIEFER was contracted by the Office of waterways new construction department, Berlin to in-spect the preventive fire safety measures. Due to the more than 10 years invested in the planning and construction of the project, the fire safety and emergency response concepts had to be updated and adjusted multiple times. The initial challenge was to have the manufacturer find a way to merge the vari-ous fire safety concepts into one single fire safety concept and to subject it to testing for correctness and completeness afterwards. Special focus was put on the competent district fire safety department that is now participating.

The interface between preventive fire safety and the actual fire department was given special attention during the inspection. This includes, for example, the extraction of water needed for firefighting and its supply to the fire department, the fire house elevator as well as emergency concepts for the operator.


  • Fire safety