We know where we come from.
And we know where we're going. On our journey from traditional engineering office to modern engineering firm, we have always succeeded in rising to huge challenges in terms of zeitgeist, sustainability and the need to innovate.
Forward-looking. In our thinking. In our actions.

Steady growth - the 2010s

More than ever in this second decade of the new millennium, KREBS+KIEFER, with well over 550 employees, is one of Germany's steadily growing engineering firms. Prominent major projects internationally, such as the Djamaa El-Djazair mosque in Algeria, as well as a significant increase in the demand for specialist know-how (e.g. in steel hydraulic engineering) underpin our reputation as a strong, dynamic and internationally respected knowledge carrier and expert partner.

KREBS+KIEFER in the new millennium - the 2000s

With over 350 employees at 14 locations all over Germany, KREBS+KIEFER is increasingly taking on projects elsewhere in Europe, in Arab nations and in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. Our project spectrum ranges from stadium construction to new international project management assignments to large infrastructure work. A particular highlight is a ship lift on the Yangtze in China.  

Setting the agenda - the 1990s

Integrated thinking in engineering was reflected in very diverse building projects and in booming infrastructure developments following the reunification of Germany. 

At the start of the 1990s, KREBS+KIEFER was commissioned to design a 100 kilometre-long new ICE high-speed line including all the bridges and tunnels. Thanks to our traditional corporate structure, even large-scale projects like this one were successfully and effectively implemented.  

International recognition - the 1980s

With the new requirements of the mobile society, KREBS+KIEFER put its wide-ranging expertise to the test in various projects for rail and road. The office was developing into an interdisciplinary engineering firm of national importance. 

On the eve of the new decade, more KREBS+KIEFER partnerships were established in Berlin and Karlsruhe.

A new era - the 1970s

The construction of Terminal 1 with rail connections to all facilities at the Frankfurt Rhine-Main airport was one of the 20th century's major building projects. The project brought recognition and expansion in equal measure. Even today it is closely associated with the name of Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Kiefer, who become a partner in 1971. The engineering office KREBS+KIEFER was born.

Beginnings - the 1960s  

In the 1950s, Prof Dr.-Ing. Albert Krebs was an employee at the engineering office. In 1965, he became the first partner. This laid the foundations for future successes. To this day, the professional competence and outstanding reputation of our founder are still the benchmark for our quality standards. And for our skilled work. 

Founding years - the 1950s  

In 1950 the company was founded in Darmstadt as an engineering office by Prof Dr.-Ing. Alfred Mehmel, who has gone down in engineering history as the "bridge pope". Mehmel was a professor at the Department of Concrete Construction at Darmstadt Technical College. The company's maxim was: "Consistently high quality in structural design and civil engineering". 

The close link with Darmstadt Technical University is a tradition which has survived to this day.