Zentrale Evangelische Dienste (Berlin)

Projektblatt (PDF)

Heavenly punctual

From the start of the planning process to the completion of the structural work in only 13 months: KREBS+KIEFER planned the office and administrative building of the religious organisations EKD and EED in an extremely short time period, applying the "Just-in-time" principle. At the same time as the detailed engineering planning, the non-structural frontage elements of the building were designed.

The building has been constructed on a jointless floor slab, with the main structure conceived as a massive reinforced concrete skeleton with precisely situated and aligned flat slabs. With the aid of a complex structural 3D model, the variable ground-plan was created with walls solely in the four core stairwells.

In order to provide good lighting conditions in the internal offices, the central atrium is canopied by a sophisticated steel and glass construction. A self-supporting reinforced concrete staircase leads to the upper levels and emphasises its impressive character.

The use of a concrete storage mass in the floor and ceiling slabs has resulted in an annual primary energy requirement of less than 70 kilowatt hours. For this reason, the building was awarded a Gold Certificate from the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council).

  • Structural Engineering
  • Fire safety